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Using Your Chromebook Offline

Using Your Chromebook Offline

Your Chromebook works differently when it is offline (without an Internet connection). Not all Chromebook functions work the same and it is important to set up your Chromebook and be ready for working offline! 

Enable Offline Syncing in Google Drive 
The first step to working without Internet is to set up offline syncing in Google Drive. 

1. From Google Drive, click on the settings wheel. 

2. Select the box, Sync Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Drawing files ..... and select Done.
Google Drive will now automatically sync your most recent documents. 

Working Offline in Google Drive
Now that you have enabled Offline Syncing, you can edit docs, sheets and slides on the go. Any changes you make while you are offline will automatically sync to Google Drive when your Chromebook has an Internet connection. 

Find out more here from Google on what you can do Offline on your Princeton Online Academy Chromebook (link)