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Spanish Immersion

Spanish Immersion Program at Princeton

Spanish Immersion

Princeton's Spanish Immersion program runs from Preschool to Fifth Grade. For the 2017-18 school year, our Spanish Immersion program is available for Preschool (age 4 by Sept. 1) through 2nd grade. We welcome students from other areas to open enroll in our Spanish Immersion school. In the school, students are immersed in Spanish while they learn mathematics, science, reading, writing and other curriculum. Immersion means that teachers communicate only in Spanish while teaching students.

Benefits of Learning Two Languages
  • Enhances learning capacity for life
  • Better academic and linguistic performance in both languages
  • Cognitive advantages - physically engages brain development
  • Increases career and social opportunities
  • Expands world view
  • Optimizes attendance at colleges and universities
  • Improves English language skills
Key Components:
  • Full-day program in kindergarten and 1st grade / ½ day program in preschool
  • The second language is the language of instruction for all classroom instruction 
  • The curriculum parallels the district curriculum in all subjects
  • Students will be taught to read in the second language until third grade, at that time, there is direct instruction in English for reading in English 
  • We will be adding additional grade levels each year as students advance to later grades
  • Students will continue to be taught the other subjects in the second language through fifth grade
  • Families are requested to make at least a 5 year commitment to the program
      Interesting 14 minute Video on language immersion from CARLA at the U of MN:    Language Immersion video
Spanish Immersion Program

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