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Early Childhood Family Education

Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE)

     ECFE is for FAMILIES LIKE YOURS. It is a program for all Minnesota Families with children between the ages of birth to kindergarten. The program is offered through Minnesota         public school districts. ECFE recognizes that parents are their child's FIRST and most important teachers. Our classes offer parents hands-on learning experiences that will nourish a      lifetime of teachable moments with their children. 

  • What does a typical ECFE class include?
    • Parent-Child Activity Time: Families explore a classroom filled with developmentally appropriate play and learn activities planned by a licensed early childhood teacher. These experiences foster the child's social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language skills. 
    • Parent Education Time: Parents meet with a licensed parent educator to share support, experiences and information about child development and parenting techniques. Research on early brain development, parent-child relationships, child development and guidance techniques are presented in ECFE class.
    • Children's Activity Time: Children learn with the early childhood teacher and paraprofessional and practice social skills as they interact with one another. 

We offer separating classes, non-separating classes, parent only classes and more! 
To register you and your child for ECFE, please visit our community education online registration system:  Register HERE
  or call 763-389-4789. Most of our classes are fee based and do offer a sliding fee scale. 

ECFE Schedule/At a Glance Summer 2017

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