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Welcome Back_Julia Espe

Welcome Back to the 2016 - 2017 School Year! 

    Dear Princeton Public Schools Families,

    I hope you all were able to enjoy our beautiful Minnesota summer and you are ready to return for another wonderful school year.  School will begin on September 12 for K-9.  Grades 10-12 will begin on September 13.

    Every single employee in our district is committed to the success of each student.  We adopted our strategic plan, including the mission, vision, core values and goals last year. Over the course of last year, an action plan for our strategic plan was approved by the School Board as well.


    Princeton is an innovative leader in instruction, developing in EVERY learner the ability to succeed in an ever-changing world.



    Princeton will equip every student to be career and college ready through personalized instruction, community partnerships and collaboration.



    Citizenship:  Fostering in students the understanding of the rights, duties, and responsibilities essential to a democratic society.

    Collaborative Leadership:  Working together interdependently, learning from each other, and taking responsibility for our individual and collective        actions.

    Connections: Engaging in our shared purpose with our stakeholders:  staff, students, families, community, organizations, and school board.

    Excellence: Making continuous and deliberate steps toward ongoing achievement.

    Innovation: Insisting upon intentional, courageous, and continuous improvement through analysis and action.

    Integrity:  Aligning our actions with our values and beliefs.

    Learning:  Pledging to create meaningful and challenging growth that results in student success.

    Respect:  Listening to, accepting, and valuing each individual in the school district and community.


  • Provide personalized instruction for every student.  This relates to our commitment to implementing our instructional model which is based upon state content standards, learning goals and scales, learning progressions and the assessment of student learning.

  • Prepare 21st Century students to be college and career ready.  This effort is rooted in our World’s Best Workforce Plan, and we will put forth effort to help our students to be successful in future endeavors beyond their graduation, by partnering with community stakeholders and aligning our courses and activities.

  • Implement innovative programming.  By offering new program options and continuously improving our students’ achievement, we will attract and retain our student enrollment.

  • Guarantee creative and relevant digital learning opportunities.  We will integrate digital learning strategies within our instructional model, improve our infrastructure and access to devices.

  • Engage community stakeholders and outreach to assure student success.  This is all about partnering with stakeholders, communicating effectively, and creating a District that is appealing to all.

    These are exciting times as our construction projects are completed! The Primary School is open for adults to get ready for the school year. The Family Center     is on schedule to open during workshop week. The High School projects are moving along well.  The new gym is  already in use.  The District Center is nearly complete. Four soccer fields behind the Intermediate School are ready and being used daily. Youth baseball fields are almost ready for seeding.  South Elementary and the portables are gone, with soccer fields being prepared for seeding.  These projects were accomplished through the generous contributions of the referendum funds, grant dollars and the fund balance the board had been saving for the purpose of upgrading our facilities.

    You may not recognize the names of some of the facilities mentioned in the previous paragraph.  Here is a chart to help you:

Former Name

New Name


High School (HS)

No change

Grades 9 through 12

Middle School (MS)

No change

Grades 6 through 8

North Elementary

Intermediate School (IS)

Grades 3 through 5

South Elementary

Primary School (PS)

Grades K through 2

Early Childhood/Community Education

Family Center (FC)

Early Childhood Programs, Community Education

District Office

District Center (DC)

Human Resources, Business Services, Superintendent, Payroll, Accounting, Teaching and Learning, Technology, Gifted and Talented, American Indian Cultural Liaison, Princeton Online Academy and the Onward Program (Special Education Transition)

Old Fire Station

Buildings and Grounds Department (B&G)

District storage and offices for district buildings and grounds

    It is an exhilarating time to be in our District and community!  I am thankful we have such a talented and dedicated staff. Princeton is a wonderful place to be, and I appreciate that you have chosen our district to educate your child/children. Thank you.  


Julia A. Espe