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Princeton High School Grand Opening!

posted Oct 4, 2016, 5:33 AM by Kari Osborne

Princeton High School Grand Opening

October 3, 2016

Dear Princeton Community,

I would like to invite you to come to our second Grand Opening, which will happen on Friday, October 7, from 4:00 to 6:00 PM!  Please come to the High School to see all of the new construction improvements that have happened over the past year.  There will be self-guided tours.  This entire week is Homecoming, and so the Grand Opening is a fitting way to celebrate during this festive time of the year.  Here are the areas you will be able to see:

“P” Gymnasium

We are so excited to have a new, two station gymnasium.  People have mentioned that the new floor is spectacular, and we agree!  We have new bleachers in the gym as well.  Also, thanks to many businesses in our community, we were able to buy a video scoreboard.  This scoreboard was recently installed, and it is already being used for competitions.  

Renovated School Store

You will recognize the renovated School Store when you walk into the entrance of the school.  Not only do we have a new look, we also have a different way of running the store, which will still involve helping students learn how to become good employees.  We hope to engage other student groups who might find the schools store as a fundraising opportunity.

If you attend the Grand Opening, our renovated School Store will be open for business!

Renovated Music Office and Storage Area

A redesign of the area was done, and the choir office was moved.  The practice areas have changed as well.  Most notably, the music storage area was upgraded with a Wenger storage system which is very efficient.

Renovated Food Service Area

The Food Service area has an additional line and some improvements in equipment that will help to provide healthy meals more effectively.

Enclosed Walkway to Career and Technical Education Shops

After all of the years of being separate from the main high school building, the shops are now connected to the school!  This was a long time coming, and we hope  it will encourage many students to try technical education in our school.  We have a thriving program  we would like to see grow.

Additional Classroom Spaces

We have three additional classroom spaces for our career and technical education use.  One of the spaces is a fabrication laboratory.  This space can be used by any of the courses, as they integrate digital production and inventing.  We were fortunate enough to receive a Monsanto grant, which helped us to fund equipment for the space.  Thank you to the 42 farmers who recommended our high school for this grant!

Main Entrance Security Vestibule

One of the components of our referendum was to be certain that each of our schools had a secured entry.  In current times, it is our highest priority to keep our students and staff safe.  This school year we have a secure entrance at the high school.  Please be prepared to show your official identification when you check in, upon entering the high school.  It has been a very smooth process.

Activities Office Space

Along with the new gymnasium, new Activities office space was re-located, by both gyms.  This will help to streamline supervision and set up for all of our activities after school.

Please take some time to come to our Grand Opening at Princeton High School.  Let’s celebrate together!


Julia A. Espe, Superintendent of Princeton Public Schools